1. Home or Your Home Away From Home?

    If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation home, look no farther than The Preserve. If you’re looking for a lot to park your RV, look no farther than The Preserve. Or if you’re looking for a home to retire in, look no farther than The Preserve. Regardless of your situation, we’re sure to ha…Read More

  2. Making Your Dream Home

    You’ve been looking for the ultimate property to construct your dream home, and finally you’ve come across The Preserve here in Cleveland, Texas. Now it’s time to get to the drawing board. Ask yourself this question, “What do I want to build into my dream home?” Here are a few things you c…Read More

  3. The property at The Preserve is picturesque!

    The Local Amenities

    The Preserve offers pristine real estate for folks looking to live a laxed life amidst beauty and community. We’re proud to offer some of the best amenities for our residents. Our residents enjoy amenities, including fishing lakes, great boating, white sandy beaches, walking and hiking trails, hor…Read More

  4. We have horse facilities on our properties for sale!

    Pamper Your Pony at the Preserve

    Have a horse? Then the property sites at The Preserve of Cleveland are ideal for you and your animal friend. The Preserve is fully equipped with horse-friendly features, including our equestrian center and miles upon miles of trails for horseback riding. Our Equestrian Center Seeking a spot to post …Read More