Here at The Preserve, we love to call our little slice of heaven home. It’s where we gather. It’s where we celebrate the big moments in life. It’s where we make memories. It’s where we raise our children. It’s where we play like children. There’s no shortage of things to do here at The Preserve, especially for the young and youthful. That’s the topic for today’s article, our favorite activities for the kids around The Preserve (and for the kid in all of us!).

Our Putt-Putt Course

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a hole-in-one!? Take your best shot at our on-site putt-putt course. Equipped with a lighthouse, a gazebo, and, of course, a windmill (among other obstacles), our putt-putt course will prepare your tykes for the PGA.RDHolland-C11

The Splash Pad

Frolic in the fountains of our splash pad! Run under buckets of water (actually, be safe and walk if you don’t mind). Twirl underneath the umbrella fountain. Walk between arcing spurts of water that shoot out of the ground like tiny geysers. Your kiddos won’t want to leave the splash pad, and when they do, it’ll probably be to take a long afternoon nap.

Making Sand Castles

Attachment-1 (2)Kids and adults alike love a day on the beach. At The Preserve, you can have a day on the beach seven days a week. Don’t forget a half dozen towels, a blanket for laying on, a bottle of sunscreen, the beach umbrella, a good book, a pale, a plastic shovel, a cooler of sandwiches, snacks and drinks, sunglasses, bathing suits, the boombox, a change of clothes, the frisbee, the football, the soccer ball, your flippy floppies, binoculars for gazing at wildlife, a metal detector for uncovering buried treasure, and a few bandaids in case you get a boo-boo. OK, that’s quite the laundry list of items… Fortunately, the beach is right in your backyard when you invest in a property here at The Preserve.

IMG_2810Taking a Swim

Make a splash at one of our three community pools (or visit all three in a day if you’d like). All property owners and guests are welcome! Don’t forget to bring a half dozen towels, a bottle of sunscreen; oh, you get the idea. Perfect your cannonball, and work on your tan. And again, make sure that your kids are tuckered out at the end of a full day of sunshine and doggy paddling.

Roastin’ Marshmallows

IMG_1753-CopyWhen dusk settles on The Preserve, it’s time to break out the marshmallows, the Hershey’s, and the graham crackers. Dad likes his marshmallows golden brown and painstakingly rotisseried ‘til the center is molten lava. Mom burns her to a crisp (Which I can never understand; that’s just plain gross.). I like my ‘mallows straight out of the bag, because I’m just a bit too impatient for the fire to build up. The chocolate is pretty good raw too.

Our Events

Concerts, competitions, and neighborhood gatherings are occurring all the time around the grounds here at The Preserve! Meet your neighbors, and gain a true sense of the beautiful community we’ve built by attending any one of our fun, family friendly events. Our slogan here at The Preserve is “Live Where You Play,” and we encourage fun every day.


Teach your young one to fish on any one of our five fishing lakes. Rig up a worm, toss out the line, and catch a bass out on the pond. You can always drag along a lawn chair, pull down your hat, and take a nap while you’re out “fishing” as well.

Gathering_ThePreserve_2015-resizedThe Pavilion

Having a family reunion? Stake your claim on a pavilion for the day. Our pavilion shelter provides you with a reprieve from the sun (or rain if the weather decides to take a turn), so that you can cater a cookout with the whole family. The kids can run and play tag on the lawn. The teens can snapchat and text on their phones. The adults can toss the pigskin, cook the steaks to a perfect medium rare, and talk about how kids these days spend too much time on their phones.


Sail the seven seas with our paddle boats! Churn your way to freedom as you navigate the lake atop a trusty paddle boat. Grab a few friends and race to the center of the lake, or paddle boat on your own and just go in circles.

What’s In The Works?

Well, there’s always something in the works here at The Preserve; we’re a development that’s always under development. Currently, we’re building a restaurant and a general store. Soon you won’t have to load up into the car and head to town to get a bite to eat, and you’ll always have the essentials on hand. At The Preserve, we make every day a vacation day, which means that you get more convenience, and more time with your kids. When you buy property here at The Preserve, you’re investing in your future, your happiness, and your family.

And you’re investing in your kids. Give them a beautiful place to grow up, a place full of fun and community. Give them the beauty of nature and the comfort of home. Give them all the amenities and entertainment they could ever want.

If you’re checking out The Preserve for the first time, you can learn more about the amazing amenities surrounding our properties here!