A tiny home is a unique trailer-type home that is designed to provide accommodation for recreation, camping or seasonal use. Like RV motor homes, tiny homes are built to ensure safety but are not required to meet the building codes or installation codes that stick-built or manufactured homes are required to meet.
Tiny homes are unique and make for a comfortable living without the expenses of a full sized home.

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Unit Lot Street Lot Sq Ft Price Down Payment Est. Mo. Style Lease Option
2 415 129 Shoreline Dr 13500 $149,999 $7,999 $1,461 TINY HOME $1299 Furnished
9 94 5425 Cypress Lakes Circle 11700 $119,999 $4,999 $1,205  TINY HOME $1199 Furnished
9 96 5449 Cypress Lakes Circle 11700 $119,999 $4,999 $1,205  TINY HOME $1199 Furnished
9 649 63 Park Court 10400 $119,999 $4,999 $1,205  TINY HOME $1199 Furnished
9 651 35 Park Court 10400 $119,999 $4,999 $1,205  TINY HOME $1199 Furnished

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EXAMPLE: Sales Price: $129,999.00 with a down payment of $7,500.00 has a total monthly payment of $1,676.60 based on a 30 year loan. The $1,676.60 per month is based on an 11.99% interest rate on a 365 day-year with an APR of 12.06%. Estimated monthly payment includes principal and interest, estimated tax escrow payment, but it does not include the property insurance escrow payment. The APR for this loan is 12.06%.

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