grillingHere at The Preserve of Texas we’re here to make your dream home a reality in our 2,000 acre, master-planned community. Some are attracted to the many amenities we provide. Others are tempted by the possibility of being able to relax in a personal spa in the privacy of their own home. For even more it’s being able to spend summer afternoons grilling on their lakeside patio in their outdoor kitchen. Everyone has a unique vision for for their dream home and at The Preserve of Texas we want you to have exactly what you’ve always imagined. For those who can’t wait to start grilling up a storm on their patio as they watch the sunset, you might want to consider these three accessories for your grilling arsenal.

Vegetable Grill Clips

There’s nothing much better than a good burger, but being able to easily grill up some savory vegetables takes a close second. Vegetable grill clips make grilling vegetables like asparagus and strips of squash or zucchini exceptionally easy. Just wash your veggies and then clip them together to throw on the grill. You’ll be able to evenly cook the veggies and flip them as a group without the hassle of trying to manage each individual piece.

Grill Daddy Grand Grill Cleaner

Any grillmaster knows that it’s important to keep your grill clean to keep charred remains of food from ruining the flavor of your next meal. But a steel brush just doesn’t always cut it. The Grill Daddy Grand provides the power of steam with a solid construction steel brush system in order to sanitize and scrub your cook top.

Cast Iron Smoker Box

Not everyone is interested in the effort that it takes to smoke meat in the traditional fashion, but the flavor can be acquired during the grilling process. Utilizing a cast iron smoker box with your choice of wood chips can infuse your grilled meat with delicious smoke flavor in a short period of time.

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