There's always something to do at The Preserve's pristine properties for sale.

In our previous two blogs, we’ve been discussing a few of the activities and amenities you can enjoy around the property. Our development is chock full of activities to pursue and amenities to keep you and your friends and family entertained! When you purchase a property lot for sale here, you’ll have access to all of these amenities for life!

Enjoy Pickleball

Haven’t played pickleball yet? You’ll love it! Pickleball is a sport that’s similar to tennis, although the court is about a third of the size. Pickleball is played with a wooden or composite paddle and a plastic ball, and the sport is low impact and easy to pick up. Here at The Preserve we have several pickleball courts for beginners and pros alike!

Toss the Shoes

Horseshoe players will fit right in here at The Preserve of Texas. The Preserve is packed with pits for horseshoe tossing.

Take a Dip

There are several swimming pools strewn about The Preserve. We also have fun water fountains to keep the kids entertained and cool on hot summer days!

Community Events

There’s always something going on at The Preserve! Whether it’s a hot dog eating contest, inflatable gyms, or just good old fashioned gatherings, you’re sure to find something to do with the community. The Preserve community is tight-knit, and you’ll find friends to last a lifetime here!


Along with our biking trails, we also have hiking and walking trails throughout The Preserve. Take the dog with you as you navigate through the expansive development, or take a walk with your friends and family!