The rat race.

The hamster wheel.

The daily grind.

We’ve got lots of funny terms to help us deal with the stress and anxiety that come along with adult life; sometimes it feels like the vicious cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat will never end! That’s why many people dream of having a little place then can go to get away from it all. The only problem is, getting too far away from it all can be a hassle all on its own. If only there were a place that felt like the middle of nowhere, without forcing you to travel too far away from civilization… the cabin property sites at The Preserve of Texas were designed to offer this exact balance of remoteness and luxury.

Custom Cabin Property Sites

Our custom cabin property sites provide a way for you to finally achieve that “little cabin in the woods” while still living just a short drive from grocery stores, a pharmacy, a mechanic, and many other conveniences. Our sites provide the perfect resting place for a park model cabin trailer, which can be up to 12 feet wide and 36 feet long.

Customize The Cabin Of Your Dreams

With peaked roofs covered in real shingles, gabled windows, and a variety of siding choices, these cabins look just like the one you’ve seen in your dreams, with the convenience of portable housing. James Hardie siding, hickory cabinets, and outdoor living areas are also options for customization. We even have residents that create built-in porches, decks, storage areas, and barbecue pits!

The combination of property sites at The Preserve and tiny cabins on wheels is definitely a match made in heaven for many of our residents. Give yourself a place to relax within a short drive of the Houston metro area! Contact us for a tour today.