Pristine fishing near our properties for sale

We feature unique, private lakes that are rich with bass.

Since the Preserve of Texas’s beginnings over 30 years ago, our lakes have gradually developed distinct contoured lake bottoms, each with varying depths and individually structured islands. Guests fish on three connected 50-acre lakes, each sculpted into its unique bass habitat. Sunken laydowns, “crappie condos,” and hundreds of sunken Cypress trees allow our bass additional cover. Members agree that each of the lakes holds its own personality and potential.

Under new management and careful attention, the lakes are thriving. A professional fisheries biologist, Bob Lusk of Pond Boss, is a part of our team and continues to implement an excellent fertilizing program. He makes frequent visits to our lakes to assess current conditions and restock the bass!

Check out our Fishing Gallery and Lakes Gallery. And as always, you can contact us if you’re curious about our fishing, or anything concerning our properties for sale!