We have horse facilities on our properties for sale!

We have horse facilities on our properties for sale!Have a horse? Then the property sites at The Preserve of Cleveland are ideal for you and your animal friend. The Preserve is fully equipped with horse-friendly features, including our equestrian center and miles upon miles of trails for horseback riding.

Our Equestrian Center

Seeking a spot to post up your pony? Look no farther than The Preserve. Our property sites surround an expansive equestrian center. The equestrian center is perfect for housing your horse. Your horse will love making friends here at The Preserves large equestrian center. Plus there’s plenty of space to literally put your pony out to pasture throughout the properties here at The Preserve.

Our Horse Trails

Take your horse on a hike around our 20 + miles of horse trails. Our horse trails weave throughout our property sites here at The Preserve. In addition, you can take your horse down the many beaches that run along our lakes and river. As they say, you can lead your horse to water… and then hang out on the beach! Or post your pony up for a picnic as the two of you sit in the shade amongst our many shade trees. Regardless of what you choose to do with your horsey companion, you’re sure to have a good time here at The Preserve.

Further curious about the facilities and horse trails here at The Preserve’s property sites? Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives. We’re here to answer your questions and get you acquainted with some of Texas’ most pristine property sites here at The Preserve of Cleveland.