One of our dream home properties.If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation home, look no farther than The Preserve. If you’re looking for a lot to park your RV, look no farther than The Preserve. Or if you’re looking for a home to retire in, look no farther than The Preserve. Regardless of your situation, we’re sure to have the little slice of heaven that you want. Make The Preserve your home, or make it your home away from home! There are so many reasons to make The Preserve your home, your main base; and there are so many reasons to make The Preserve your second estate. Here are a few:

Making The Preserve Your Home

We have all the amenities you’d want, and then some. Here at The Preserve, we’re driven by community. We’ve strived to build a neighborhood full of people who love the beauty of the outdoors. We’ve built a neighborhood full of activity. It’s a neighborhood that’s sure to keep you entertained for years to come. Enjoy a day on the lake as you try to catch the big one. Or take a hike along our 40 miles of paths. Take in the sites with our natural forested surroundings and the wildlife preserve. And host a barbecue with friends and family at one of our many barbecue stations. Take a dip in one of our three community pools. And tie up your pony at our equestrian center.

Make every day a vacation when you move in here at The Preserve.

Making The Preserve Your Home away from Home

Again, for all the aforementioned reasons The Preserve is an ideal location to park your RV or build a vacation cabin. And if you’re only looking to stay at The Preserve part time, that’s no problem! It’s your property, use it as you’d like.

The landscape here at The Preserve's properties.Invite the Family

If you have a large family, you can share the property and share your investment in your home. Divvy up time throughout the year for each family member to take their vacation at your shared cabin. Or gather everybody at the same time and fill the house up for a reunion!

Rent it Out

Is your home unoccupied for a few weeks out of the year? Try putting your home on Airbnb! If you’re too busy to spend time here at The Preserve, then pull in a few extra dollars by renting out your home to eager guests. Your guests will enjoy the many amenities as much as you do!

Use it as You’d Like

If you don’t work summers, make your summer vacation a vacation at The Preserve. Have weekends free? Make the trip to your own private cabin every weekend. Want a premier location to act as a hub for your RV? Build your own lot to house your RV while it’s resting. The options are endless.

The properties here at The Preserve are ideal for folks looking to make a complete move, and those looking to have a second home, vacation home, or cabin lot. If you’re curious about our property for sale here in Cleveland, Texas, please feel free to get in touch with us! We’re here to help!