Many RV parks are little more than rustic campsites. Sure, they give you a stable place to park your home on wheels, but amenities and security are sorely lacking. At the Preserve of Texas, we strive to create a luxurious environment in which residents can be at one with nature without feeling uncomfortable. With larger homesites and more amenities than many other RV parks, we give you endless options to customize your lot. But what about the inside of your rig? Here are some of the must-have accessories that will make your homesite feel like, well, home!


Living in an RV, even just on the weekends, gives you the freedom to take the comforts of home with you on the open road. Moving the RV itself isn’t always an easy feat, however, and if your rig is permanently rooted at The Preserve, having a couple bicycles on hand is a great way to make quick trips to the store without having to batten down the hatches.

Solar Charger

Our RV park is designed to provide a safe harbor for your rig, whether you’re in it every weekend or just one week a year. However, if you often take your RV out for some boondocking, you’re going to want to make sure you can stay connected with the grid even if you can’t access it. There are a wide variety of portable solar chargers available on the market today, at affordable prices. These devices can be attached to the window where they constantly collect and store power in a portable battery.

Mobile Wifi Hotspot

If you’re the kind of Netflix-addict that doesn’t want to share bandwidth with anyone else, a mobile wifi hotspot is an accessory in which you’ll want to invest. Typically coupled with your wireless phone service, these devices make it possible to unleash your own private hotspot anywhere you can get a signal.

Want to learn more about the gorgeous homesites and amenities available at our RV park? Contact The Preserve of Texas for a personal tour today!